Case Statistics

2023 Case Statistics

In 2023, there were 1,892 judgeships within the commission’s jurisdiction. In addition to jurisdiction over active judges, the commission has the authority to impose certain discipline upon former judges for conduct while they were active judges. See Active and Former Judges for statistics on the commission’s handling of complaints about judges in 2023.

The commission’s jurisdiction also includes California’s 276 court commissioners and referees. See Subordinate Judicial Officers for statistics on the commission’s handling of complaints about court commissioners and referees in 2023.

The commission office received 295 complaints in 2022 concerning individuals and matters that did not come under the commission’s jurisdiction: federal judges, former judges for matters outside the commission’s jurisdiction, judges pro tem (temporary judges), workers’ compensation judges, other government officials and miscellaneous individuals. Commission staff responded to each of these complaints and, when appropriate, made referrals.

Case Statistics from Prior Years

See the commission’s Annual Reports for statistics on cases in prior years.

Commission Public Discipline Statistics

Pursuant to amendments to the California Constitution which took effect in March 1995, the commission is authorized to impose all disciplinary sanctions, subject to discretionary review by the Supreme Court. Between 1988 and 1994, the commission was authorized to impose public reprovals with the consent of the judge. Public admonishment replaced the sanction of public reproval in 1995. Since 1995, the commission has imposed the following public discipline:

  • 14 Removals
  • 47 Public Censures
  • 17 Public Reprovals
  • 115 Public Admonishments

In addition, the commission issued one private admonishment, which is available to the public pursuant to a stipulation and order.

Supreme Court Public Discipline Statistics

Between 1961 and 1995, the Supreme Court had the authority to censure or remove judges from office upon recommendation by the commission. The Supreme Court imposed the following public discipline in cases instituted during that time:

  • 15 Removals [including 1 contested retirement]
  • 10 Censures
  • 1 Uncontested Involuntary Retirement